Wealth Consciousness Mastermind

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  • Creator
    Jewels Arnes
  • Level
  • Date
    Feb 26 - May 20
    NO CLASS on April 8
  • Time
    4:00 pm EST
  • Price
    $555 NOW $297

Manifest through DMT Codes is Manifesting of the future!

In this 12 week workshop, you will learn the 12 steps to manifesting abundance and how to manifest through the intelligence held within your DNA.

Did you know that identity is the number one reason people don’t change? This understanding is what brought me to create the DMT Avatar. DMT Codes awaken a pathway to Manifest beyond your programming, giving you the power to live your DREAMS.

In this workshop you will:
  • Break the looping cycles that keep you stuck
  • Learn what your DMT Avatar Blueprint is and how to use it to become a master manifestor
  • Journey through the 12 Avatars, bringing your desire into reality
  • Activate the transcribed frequency of 963 in your DNA to raise the frequency of your consciousness and body
  • Walk a pathway into 100% human potential.
  • Learn to Master Identity beyond the Matrix or your programmed mind and body
  • Learn how to hold consciousness in the frequency of 963
  • Experience Manifesting of the Future right now
Awakening DNA intelligence is the foundation of the evolved human experience. It holds a voice of empowerment that can override the looping programs that keep you stuck. Most people attempt to manifest their desire from only 10-12% of their potential without even knowing it. This keeps them looping in a programmed reality.
It is almost impossible to create big changes from this place. It may work for a while, but eventually we find ourselves back where they started.

So “How” do we access the other 90%? By activating DMT intelligence stored in the DNA. DMT, or Dimethyltryptamine, is a chemical that is released when we are born and when we die. DMT is also a frequency, 963 hertz to be exact. This frequency holds an encoded intelligence that awakens unlimited possibilities.

What if the Answer to how to access 100% human potential is YOU? Tapping into the transcribed intelligence of your DNA is the fastest and most effective way to manifest.

The DMT Avatar holds the intelligence to Master Manifesting and the consciousness to ‘Live’ in a reality beyond the Illusion. Are you ready to take a journey through the DMT Avatar and tap into your Superhuman Experience? Are you ready to Manifest your Dreams?

Course Lessons