Accelerated Ascension Academy

Designed to meet you where you are and bring you into the NEXT in human Evolution. The AAAcademy supports you in remembering your innate being and how to use this power to live beyond the programming you are experiencing now.

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Becoming BioQuantum 

Accelerated Ascension Academy

It is time to awaken to your fullest potential. The Accelerated Ascension Academy is here to teach you the tools you need to advance to 100% human potential. Once you “know” the tools, you experience the frequency of Source consciously. You begin to LIVE outside the Matrix and experience a Quantum life. Turn on the other 90% of human potential and explore just how powerful you really are!


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I am continually shifting in my consciousness, connection, clarity and confidence. The knowledge and tools that Jewel’s shares are keys to be the creator beings we came to be. Jewels led us through the foundational principles that enable us to transcend the programs of our mind and move into the realms of creating our next in our now. With practice, practice, practice, the results are beyond my wildest imagination. I highly recommend this class to anyone feeling called!


Divinely guided teachings and human support have inspired, challenged and motivated me to continually seek a new level of a personal best. The structure of the learning process is unique. The vast variety of materials provided in addition to unending human support allows me to participate either at a snail’s pace or at lightening speed. It is my choice in every minute.


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