BioQuantum Foundations

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Activate the Quantum Body and awaken the NEXT Level in Human Potential.

Experience the frequency of the Quantum Body and boost physical and cognitive performance. Up-level your energy to optimize your life!
In this Course:
  • You will learn a heightened awareness and a systematic series of tools that will assist you in upleveling your frequency when you notice that you drop in vibration or get stuck in a looping cycle, thought or program.
  • Up-level your energy to optimize your workout, focus time, and overall wellbeing while strengthening your guidance system to create your best life!
  • Learn what the chemical body is and how to master emotion, drive, creativity, and optimize your experience of what it is to be human.
  • Experience DMT™ activations that shift cellular function into higher spin rates or frequencies, allowing the body to shift out of the Timeline of Aging.
  • Become aware of how you view the limitations of your body, mind and spirit to activate an intelligence that brings you to the next level of human evolution.
  • Maximize perspective and hold consciousness in higher frequencies (DMT) so you can start to live your life beyond the programmed body and mind.
  • Maximize cognitive function and move beyond the limitations of the subconscious mind.
  • Open to clear communication with your inner knowing or guidance system and cut out all the chatter to create your best life.
  • Learn to actively participate in DMT™ Intelligence, what is it saying and how do you use it to create a Quantum Experience.

Your DNA holds an intelligence that has the ability to access specific information beyond programming.

It is programming that keeps the body stuck in looping cycles of age and disease which can be experienced as density, fatigue, illness, aging, depression, anxiety or lack or cognitive function.

Most of us have an innate knowing that we are capable of so much more. We keep trying to make things happen in order to have complete control over our biology and our thoughts. Our experiences are created through the energy that is held within the body and we become frustrated and confused when our efforts to change our reality fall short.

The truth is your body and DNA are the most sophisticated technology that exists on earth. YOU ARE the most advanced technology.

Experience the Evolved Human and transform your reality through DMT. Tap into the 90% of dormant DNA and UPLIFT your life!

Course Lessons