Evolution Journey Card Workshop

  • Creator
    Jewels Arnes
  • Duration
    1 hour Live Zoom
  • Time
    4:00 EDT
  • Date
    May 21, 2024

Learn how to read the intelligence of the DNA with the codes (numbers) that attunes consciousness to experience life as frequency.

The Evolution reading opens the door to expansive self-discovery. Reading the codes enhances your ability to read frequency and the intelligence stored in your DNA.

Over time, reading the Journey Cards heightens intuition and fine tunes your inner guidance system. As each sacred code emerges, you activate the frequency of your Highest Evolution.

Using the Evolution symbol in this way, you will create a quantum system in the scalar frequency of 963 with the 3 levels of number sequences. Each symbol holds a technology that works on a molecular level to code a high frequency reality. 

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