Evolution Journey Card Gene Coder Certification

4 week universal reading certification program
  • Author
    Jewels Arnes
  • Price
    $444 NOW $333
  • 4 Weeks
Start Coding through the Universal Grid

Become a Legally Certified Evolution Journey Gene Coder

This 4-week Certification program is a legally certified program that gives you the ability to read this trademarked universal reading for others!

Taking the cards' intelligence deep into the layers of frequency of numbers, you will learn 4 spreads developed to create specific coded energy patterns using the Evolution symbol with the journey cards. Each reading leaves a coded message you will then learn to transfer to your clients allowing them to leave with the vibrational intelligence of their future pattern.

This is not just a reading; it is an upgrade in the technology held in the DNA. You will advance in consciousness, raise in frequency and step into your own highest potential as you begin to hold reflection through this ground breaking tool. The classes will be 50 minutes each and a commitment of about 1 hour to exchange readings with an assigned partner.

The Evolution Journey is truly holding the energy of the most advanced future patterns!

At the end of the 4 weeks, you will receive a Legal document that was created by the same attorney that created Doreen Virtue's Angel Reading Certification as well as a Certificate to display in your home or office.

Please NOTE: If you do not have the Evolution Journey Cards You will need to purchase them. You will receive a 33% discount code in the Welcome Module upon purchase of course.