DMT Scalar Transmission Facelift

Tighten, lift and brighten the skin.
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    Jewels Arnes
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    4 Weeks
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Includes 12 DMT Facelift Movements with 4 weeks of DMT Coded Scalar Transmissions to tighten, lift and brighten the skin.

This package targets the cells of the skin. The Scalar transmission begins within 8 hours of purchase and will be coded through your name and will continue to transmit for 4 weeks. You do not need to do anything but receive the transmissions.

This package will also include the DMT Facelift protocol videos which are recommended you do 4 times a week. Once you learn the movements the protocol should take under 15 minutes.

Add product(s) if desired to enhance this package. Go deeper into each DMT Facelift Movement to clear belief systems connected to cell mutation while tightening.

- Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator
- Conscious Serum set
- Collagen mask

* Discount code for the products is included with your purchase of the package along with tutorials on how to use the products.

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