DMT Ascension Journey

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  • Creator
    Jewels Arnes
  • Journey
    12 weeks
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    50% off Special Edition
    DMT Ascension ORMUS 
    (code available after purchase inside 1st module)

This journey was created to ascend the body into the Quantum Field.

My purpose is to become superhuman, to break the looping cycle of the programmed body. This drives me to connect to the Intelligence in every moment of my life. It IS My LIFE. I want to invite you to find your personal purpose and connect it with the Source Field we are all creating together.

Together we have the opportunity to change programmed reality and exist in the Source Field. I see us doing it! It is already done! My hope is you will take this journey and take it into REAL LIFE.

This is a self journey where you will be invited to actively participate. You will experience 12 DMT™ Code Transmissions and be invited to code your own vortex (or 12 vortices). You will have the opportunity to pin your DMT vortex activations on our Journey Map and connect with others who are on the journey. You will also experience the 12 DMT™ movements which will activate the vortex in your DNA and amplify the code for yourself and all participants, and begin to build the Source Field like a web of frequency, 963 Hz!

Course Lessons