BioQuantum DMT Expedition

Activate the Quantum Body through DMT performance.

DMT BioPerformance Upgrade: Accelerate Cell Ascension

  • Creator
    Jewels Arnes
  • Dates
    July 8 - Sept 23, 2024
  • Weekly
    Live Class at 4pm EST
  • Price
    $555  $444

Activate the Quantum Body through DMT performance. 

Experience the power of 963Hz, known to initiate rejuvenation and elevate consciousness, paving the way for a quantum leap in your well-being. Discover how mastering this frequency can enhance your favorite exercises, optimizing your physical and mental capabilities while activating profound cell ascension. 

Embark on a transformative 12-week journey with our "BioPerformance Training and Expedition" designed for those ready to elevate their performance to the frequency of 963Hz. This unique program integrates cutting-edge insights into DMT (Source Frequency) to harness peak performance and cellular ascension.

DMT is a frequency measured at 963hz or Source. This same frequency is released when the body moves from converting energy from oxygen to hydrogen, typically known as lactate. High performance is one of the most beneficial ways to boost the quantum body through the ascended DNA. Learn how to use your favorite exercises to enhance your performance while activating Cell Ascension.

Bioperformance Expedition welcomes participants of all fitness levels, from beginners in activities like walking or chair yoga, to those challenging themselves with activities like hiking a 14er. The journey emphasizes personal growth and development, focusing on the transformative process rather than immediate outcomes.

Participants are encouraged to set personal performance goals and strive towards elevating their body to higher frequencies. Training goes beyond physical exercise, involving the practice of holding consciousness within the quantum body. This holistic approach nurtures both physical and metaphysical aspects, fostering continuous improvement and a deeper self-connection.

Bioperformance Expedition aims to transcend conventional fitness metrics, promoting a broader spectrum of well-being and facilitating self-actualization.

As part of our journey together, we'll prepare for a personal expedition starting on September 20th, leveraging the energy of the upcoming eclipse on September 17th. Tailor your expedition to match your physical abilities and aspirations, supported by the DMT BioPerformance method.
Join us as we collectively elevate our DNA's frequency and ignite a global activation. Are you ready to unlock your potential and step into a new realm of vitality and consciousness?


  • Reverse Aging
  • Improve physical performance
  • Improve memory and focus
  • Feel more vibrant
  • Improve energy and life force
  • Boost mitochondrial health
  • Get attuned to high performance exercise for daily life
  • Advance Consciousness through the frequency of DMT

What's Included:

  • 12 week DMT BioPerformance DMT training geared to support DMT release while you do your favorite exercises
  • 12 weeks of group meetings beginning on July 8th at 4:00pm EST
  • Training in how to hold consciousness in DMT while performing/exercising
  • Learn the cell ascension processes: Boost mitochondria health and awaken the ascended DNA
  • Learn the 12 DMT Movements
  • Learn the 12 DMT Breath work process to diminish the timelines created from your first breath at birth
  • Exclusive product discounts

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