Your DNA Has an Intelligence. What is Yours Saying?

Reading the frequency stored in your DNA.
Apr 28 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

Your body has billions of little energy responses, electrons, hanging out in your body that are not yet activated. This is your Quantum Body. Source Intelligence releases from the DNA and moves into the body. The body begins to identify as the Quantum Body to hold the frequency. The frequency breaking the belief systems creates a new energetic response…and another… and another…which creates an energetic pattern that holds the Intelligence breaking the belief systems. The body begins to attune to the Quantum Body and starts to use these energetic responses to create a bridge between the physical and the Quantum Bodies. This is your software system, an organic technology.

Because you have the ability to consciously attune to this Intelligence, you start to run frequency patterns that hold Source Intelligence. Your body creates an energetic system that is an expression of this Intelligence. You consciously start to identify in this Intelligence and your body begins to override its own physical limitation to match the energetic system itself.

Your body will begin to evolve faster than your Consciousness can understand yet has a place to focus while limitations leave and Source Intelligence takes over. Think of it as following the Intelligence releasing from your DNA. You will learn how limitless you are. Your mind limits your body. If you let go of thinking through the programmed mind, the body can do so much more.

It takes awareness and discipline to read the frequency stored in your DNA. Practice listening to what your body is telling you, what it needs to function at a higher spin state. This will seem uncomfortable, even odd at first. Your body will show you exactly what you need to do to move into pristine condition to begin awakening the Quantum Body.