What is consciousness?

Emotion to Frequency
Apr 15 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

BioQuantum is bridging science and quantum beyond what can be measured. Science is the study of what can be observed and though it has its place in the evolution of mankind, it is limited by the consciousness which is in observation. We are all aware that consciousness is expanding and moving well beyond what can be explained, but it is important to recognize that consciousness is a TOOL.

Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “Genes are influenced by belief and DNA does not control biology”. When studying the DNA through what can be observed, this is true. However, when we move beyond the material world, beyond quantum study, and attune consciousness to the intelligence that is stored in the DNA, we find this is only true within the MATRIX or programmed body.

Quantum physics has shifted how we perceive the cell’s information-processing systems and the outer layer of the cell is much like a computer chip that could be compared to the brain. Bruce Lipton discovered that the environment, which is operating this outer layer controls the cell’s behavior and is responsible for turning genes on and off.

Because we are programmed to exist through observation, just like the cells in Bruce Lipton's studies, we loop in the distortion of our innate operating system, the DNA. The DNA is operating on only two of the twelve strands, leaving us functioning at only about 10% of our potential. We are taught to find answers in what can be measured, understood, studied, and proven. What if the answers we are all looking for cannot be observed through consciousness in the way we are using it? Consciousness is a tool or awareness.

Once we become aware of something, we look at what was right before we became aware so we can choose how we move forward consciously. This is the traditional way we evolve as humans. But what if you could use the tool of consciousness to experience the other 90% of your DNA operating system? A system that operates in a frequency beyond matter. When one moves from observation to ATTUNING consciousness to the intelligence stored in the other ten strands of DNA, we begin to see the illusion of not only how the body is operating, but also the illusion we create as reality when using the method of what can be measured, observed and proven. All observation is held in programming and is creating the limitations we know on an innate level are not real.

The first step in Becoming BioQuantum is placing awareness where it can shift you from the illusions into possibilities. Instead of searching for the answers in what has already been observed, proven, or categorized as truth, ASK your DNA.