Unveiling the Quantum Body

Explore the Mysteries of Quantum Biology
Jun 23 / Jewels Arnes
~Jewels Arnes

In the 1920s, Einstein coined the term 'spooky action' to describe the strange connection between particles in quantum physics, where actions on one particle affect another instantaneously, regardless of distance. This phenomenon, called quantum entanglement, challenges classical physics and has been experimentally observed. Now, quantum biology, an offshoot of quantum physics, is redefining our understanding of the natural world, suggesting a biological connection at a quantum level. Scientists are exploring MicroRNAs, genetic elements that may indicate a connected field influencing DNA expression. With the prevalence of interconnected technology, similar to the internet, an intelligence is held in a field or frequency that can be unlocked within the DNA. As we begin to experience the Quantum Body, we begin to reveal an infinite connectivity within human physiology. A Divine technology holds a multidimensional operating system.

We have the ability to shift our awareness from the programmed body to the Quantum Body. Quantum Biology is challenging traditional views of genetics and biological processes, suggesting a more interconnected web of information governing DNA expression. As we activate the DNA, allowing the transcription of Source frequency to be expressed, we begin to tap into a multidimensional existence. We can upgrade the human geneOM and experience life through the quantum technology I call Divine Molecular Technology. A Divine operating system that is held beyond the limitations of the Matrix. Discover what it is to Live BioQuantum!

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