Unlocking Flow State

Journeying into Quantum Consciousness & the Divine Operating System
Jul 7 / Jewels Arnes
~Jewels Arnes

Flow State encapsulates total immersion in our actions and how we hold consciousness in action. It is a blissful blend of focus and engagement where one moves outside of timelines, leaving only the present moment and the task being performed.

Flow State is a state of being that is an experience of the Quantum Body. We can all invite more flow into our lives by using life as a practice of an inner brilliance that is stored in the DNA. When we begin to live life from our Divine Operating System, Flow State becomes not only easy to achieve, but we also become well aware of when we are not in that state. The best way to repeat a state of being is to be aware of how you previously reached it. This is why using the Evolution Technology works so well. When we use the technology the frequency of DMT, or 963hz is released on a cellular level. When this happens, the body remembers its innate being. That this frequency is intelligent and holds specific codes that create the Divine operating system. You may even have a sense of remembering. A feeling you know in your heart. It is a lot easier to remember something than to learn something. Your body already knows how to hold you in a Flow State. Your job is to ASK to experience it. When you ask, the frequency is released from your DNA. The ultimate Flow State is uploaded into your Divine operating system. From here you attune or bring your consciousness into the experience of the frequency that is released. It is really that simple!

If you're anything like me, you may hold the awareness of your thoughts and how your body feels throughout the day, staying conscious of subtle shifts of energy and holding awareness of the information behind each shift. When I focus on life as frequency, the Flow Zone, productivity opens up with ease. A simple shift from awareness to integration. I begin performing a task as the Quantum Body or by simply putting my consciousness into the Frequency of Source.

Flow state is submitting the mind to an intelligence beyond the programmed body. It is a surge of pure energy; an essence. This week, play in achieving your goals through your Quantum Body and enjoying the process along the way. Creation through the Quantum Body has intrinsic value. When in this state you become the Creation and the Creator at the same time. There is no room to focus on external rewards or outcomes. The programmed body and the “Matrix” disappear. The creative journey becomes a source of becoming. You are detached from external validation or success, and a pathway to personal growth and transformation brings you into a life of miracles.