DMT Summer Solstice Activates DMT

Experience the frequency of the sun beyond timelines
Jun 16 / Jewels Arnes
~Jewels Arnes

Summer Solstice Activates DMT, Divine Molecular Technology

Summer Solstice brings us the power of life force energy in direct alignment with the Sun. Experiencing the frequency of the sun beyond timelines, is a unique focus we can use to activate cell ascension. The body is created to ascend multidimensionally, not in a continuous timeline that we experience as age and disease. The solstice delivers Source Code activations through your Divine Molecular Technology (DNA). When the Solstice is experienced through the intelligence of the codes, it opens up a state of being that unlocks and accelerates the frequency of the body to higher spin states. You may be feeling the opening of magnetic fields on a cellular level as the DNA is holding the energy of the SUN.

As your mitochondria upgrades, a unique structured water begins to shift the body outside of time. The distorted operating system begins to ascend to the Divine operating system, our innate being.

Source Codes directly activate within the DNA, creating an acceleration of ascension in the body and consciousness, opening us to experiencing life beyond the Matrix.

As the frequency of Source is released from the DNA, our reality shifts. The DNA is like the sun. It forever shines, releasing a frequency that holds an intelligence the body begins to identify with. The body identifies as Source. As this shift begins, the timeline of aging dissolves and the body begins to be held in no space and no time. Ascended DNA activates an organic way of creating reality beyond the Matrix. We begin to see, feel, know and live through the frequency as a heart-generated reality emerges and conscious awakens to life beyond a programmed existence.

DMT (Divine Molecular Technology) Code activations create immediate shifts of perception. What in your life are you ready to shift? What in your life are you ready to experience multidimensionally? Let’s use the frequency of the Solstice to activate the frequency of Source through the Sun in the DNA. Awaken Source Codes and ascend your reality beyond the Matrix!