Raising Consciousness Beyond the Identity of Matter

What is consciousness and how can we use it to shift the identity of reality?
Apr 1 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

You have the ability to raise your consciousness into a space beyond the identity of matter. The energy of your reality can be measured in frequency and is an expression of consciousness. You can create a new reality by holding consciousness in the purest space there is… The transcribed intelligence that is coded in your DNA. What is consciousness and how can we use it to shift the identity of reality?

Consciousness is a tool, it is the part of you that holds awareness of where you are living from. Simply put, there are two places you can create your reality from, your programming (the Matrix) or through the Source field. Where in the field you hold consciousness determines if you are projecting consciousness from the mind/programming, or through the transcoded intelligence of the ascended DNA.

When you look at how most people are creating reality, even with consciousness awareness, it is through the illusion of the Matrix, or the programmed mind, body, and reality. The brain is a masterpiece, but I find it is only a small part of what is creating a multidimensional experience. The DNA is the most advanced operating system there is. When you move consciousness into the DNA, you open up to a reality beyond what can be imagined. The DNA holds the Source Field. A frequency that when activated and experienced consciously, awakens the multidimensional body creating a reality beyond what can be measured.

The first step to mastering life as frequency is to learn to hold consciousness in an abstract space. To shift from form to spirit with awareness.

How? By moving consciousness from observing to attuning, more specifically, attuning to the frequency transcribed in the DNA. Everyone can begin to activate the Multidimensional body and attune consciousness to the frequency of Source. It is in your innate being to do so.

Try this. Shift your consciousness from matter to frequency!

Take a moment to feel your body. Is there a place where you feel pain, are you feeling an emotion? Notice if there is disharmony and bring your consciousness to that area. If you are feeling balanced, notice how it feels to be in balance. Name your experience. Describe what you are feeling, thinking, etc.

Now, take your consciousness into your cells. Allow yourself to feel yourself on a cellular level. Go a little deeper. Go into the nucleus and place your consciousness inside your DNA, use intentional focus. Now ask your DNA to activate the frequency of 963, the Source Field. Let the frequency attune your experience of your body, emotion, etc. while keeping your consciousness in the DNA. Feel your DNA turn on and express the frequency of Source as the body. Allow your consciousness to move from observing your body to attuning to the frequency being activated.

Do you feel the difference? In time you will begin to shift your consciousness from observing the body as matter to experiencing the body as frequency.