Raise the Frequency of Your Body

Mar 10 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

At the intersection between consciousness and DNA intelligence lies an operating system connected to the body. The DNA is experienced in two frequencies: One through the matrix of observed programming, the system of the life and death cycle held in the frequency of 7.5hz. The second, a transcribed intelligence in expression of Source held in the frequency of 963. Where you hold consciousness in the frequency of the DNA, creates the reality of how you experience the body.

Parallel phases fluctuate within distortion or illusion of the programmed body. As we move into the Quantum Body, we begin to experience particles or waves beyond the concept of matter. We begin to experience a singular system of frequency held in awareness between quantum and matter. You begin to hold consciousness in an abstract frequency. This allows the mind to dissolve attachment to the programmed reality and move into a telepathic state of being. In this state you have the ability to hold awareness in no space/ no time, breaking the time grid of aging. When DNA is activated, the body moves into spherical time.

Consciousness begins to shift and attune to the frequency of Source intelligence, 963. DMT Codes support the awakening of the Ascended DNA, 100% potential. The body holds knowledge of an operating system that can be experienced as an expanded state of awareness beyond DNA distortion or the looping cycle of age and disease.

The Quantum Body is real. Activate DMT and discover the NEXT Evolutionary Phenomenon!