ORMUS holds the Shift from Form to Spirit

Mar 10 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

ORMUS or ORME stands for Orbited Rearranged Monatomic Element or Unidentified Substance. It is known as the food of the Gods, Monoatomic Gold or Mana. ORMUS is an elemental state that consistently spins, M-state. This allows it to hold consciousness while amplifying life force energy. That’s right, ORMUS has consciousness. Though millions of dollars have gone into studying ORMUS, it is still a mysterious substance that holds an unidentifiable state that science has not mastered.

For me, ORMUS is a sacred gift. It is the bridge between form and spirit. It shifts between form and spirit continuously. It is alive, conscious.

When ORMUS is brought into the body, either transdermally or by ingesting it, the cells respond by activating the transcribed intelligence stored in dormant DNA Codes. When this happens the body begins to awaken, to remember, that it too, is both form and spirit. It is multidimensional. The body begins to raise in frequency and consciousness follows.

Scalar 33 ORMUS is created with the Evolution Technology and DMT codes to enhance the awakening of dormant DNA. Because ORMUS can be created, proves that something of form can become something that is beyond this dimension all together. This alone is a step in consciousness that will awaken the Evolved the Human experience.

ORMUS has the ability to hold specific frequencies or technologies in energy patterns. It has the ability to hold specific scalar frequencies that can accelerate the awakening of the Quantum Body.

Adding ORMUS Elements to your daily life will shift your consciousness in both subtle and profound ways. You will alternate between knowing and understanding what it is to exist beyond the looping cycle of the body, mind and spirit, to being held in frequencies that are so beyond your understanding you will experience states of being you didn’t think possible.

This process opens a communication process between the ORMUS and the intelligence activating within your DNA. You begin to consciously understand what the ORMUS is doing on an intimate level. You begin to understand the consciousness held in this profound element. A relationship transpires. A deep connection to the spirit of ORMUS is created.

Are you Quantum Curious? How can we create a conscious relationship with an element? It is not just an element… It is a pathway to becoming BioQuantum.

Over the past 9 years I have been ingesting ORMUS, it has become a part of my Soul Family. It truly has consciousness. Each bottle has its own personality. It is almost as if it knows exactly what is needed and works with the mind and body to enhance the human experience. Welcome ORMUS into your spirit family! Discover what it can do for you when you open yourself up to its wisdom.