Interstellar Reflection of Biolight

Mar 8 / Jewels Arnes

Weekly Reflection with Jewels

A White Blue light envelopes our solar system and protects the sun from the observed consciousness held in the earth sphere. The light keeps the sun from the third dimensional field of consciousness or observation of time, holding it in place or from collapsing. The light will remain until human form is experienced multidimensionally. When the 12 DNA Codes are activated, the body is held in no space no time and the White Blue light transfers to BioLight. The frequency of Source, 963, will scatter the sun's energy. The sun's magnetic bonds holding timelines of observation will dissolve, and the constellations will begin to transfer to a multiverse we cannot see from the 3D. As this happens we begin to see beyond the boundaries of time that were defined by the solar system and move into an endless intelligence held in expression of Source. We can experience multidimensional star patterns that activate within the DNA creating the BioLight Quantum System.

The body reaches its highest spin state when the sun’s magnetic bonds dissolve and the stars align within the body. Human programming cannot see or sense the magnitude of this shift until consciousness meets the frequency of 963. The spin state of the body is moving so fast it seems as if it is not moving at all. The particles accelerate to a speed beyond light and hold no space no time as BioLight.

Exercise: As you use the Particle Accelerator, tap into the spin state of your body. Sense the frequency raising and attune to the experience of BioLight. Focus on what cannot be explained or understood; the possibilities of what the body will be when you hit the frequency of 963!