Exploring what's Beyond what can be Measured

Feb 19 / Jewels Arnes
When we use BioQuantum products we activate codes in the DNA to shift to higher frequencies. The Evolution Technology is designed to remove the distortion of cellular function by shifting the DNA from reading the observation of the body and mind to identifying in frequency. The expression of Source intelligence. As we evolve, we begin to shift where we are holding consciousness. Most of us identify with what can be seen, heard, studied, measured and understood by the intellectual mind. This observed state of identity is what structures the very Matrix most of us are trying to break free from. A looping cycle of age, disease, lack and separation. The mind is programmed to observe through repeated thoughts, stories or programs. WE are creating the Matrix, the programmed experience of the body and reality. 

There is an intelligence transcribed in the DNA that is waiting for consciousness to attune to. 

This intelligence has a frequency that is measured at 963. The same frequency people are looking to reach through meditation, psychedelics, extreme fasting, breath work and other spiritual practices that release DMT or N-Dimethyltryptamine. When we begin to move beyond the programmed experience of the body, we begin to identify in frequency. Think about it, you are programmed to loop in observation. Observation is what keeps you stuck, looping and AGING. It is time to break out of the box. Why does something need to be measured, studied and proven before it see it as true? The truth that so many of us are all looking for is stored, transcribed, in the dormant DNA. We can release the frequency of 963 on a cellular level, we can witness a consciousness shift beyond what science can reach.   

This week I invite you to challenge yourself to move beyond the identity of your programmed body and mind.

What if everything you call reality is only 10% of what is true or real? Let your consciousness explore what is beyond what can be measured, understood, studied and proven. Is it any less real? Why or why not? Look at the programming that is creating your reality and ask yourself, “Is it working for me?” Some may and some may not. Awareness of what you are agreeing to, is the first step into moving beyond self imposed limitations.