Experience Life as Frequency

Seeing through the eyes of vibration.
Mar 18 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

William Shakespeare once said, " The eyes are the window to your soul". A person can put a lot of emphasis on another's eyes for information about their emotions, expressions, read what kind of person they are, or maybe they use the eyes to communicate beyond words. The more you become aware of who you are, and learn to identify information beyond emotion, you begin then see through the eyes of vibration.

This is a whole-body experience. How you "see" the world, your reality, is based on what programs you are running or the level of consciousness you are experiencing. Letting go of limiting belief systems and learning to "see" through the Eyes of Source creates the choice to experience your reality as FREQUENCY.

Attune Consciousness to the Frequency of Source, 963 Exercise:

The Frequency of Source is within you; transcribed in your DNA. Can you sense it? Place your hands on your heart and breathe in. Breathe in a white blue light through your nose, allowing it to trace along your brain, down through your spine and out through the mouth. On the next breath as you breathe in the white blue light, bring it into your heart and allow it to fill your heart with life force energy.

The light fills your heart, enters your bloodstream and lights up every cell in your body. Now bring your awareness to the frequency of Source, 963, that is active in every cell. Attune your consciousness to the frequency you feel. Let your consciousness meet the frequency of Source.

When you are ready, bring your awareness to your surroundings. Notice if you can hold your consciousness in the frequency of 963 as you shift your awareness from your body to your environment. Can you experience your surroundings as frequency? Can you hold your consciousness in the same stillness? This awareness is a practice, and is there whenever you bring your attention to it. Notice how you feel. Your level of stress, worry, anxiety, can drop when you are connected to the frequency of Source, 963. Explore as you connect to Source frequency that expresses from your cells and extends into all of life.