Emotion to Frequency

The difference between emotion and feeling?.
Mar 24 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

What is the difference between emotion and feeling? Emotions are caused by chemicals released through the primal body. Each emotion has a purpose that is based on survival.

Feelings, on the other hand, are felt as frequency where there is no chemical component. If used as the superpower they hold, feelings are a tool of ascension. Feelings also have no judgment, they hold information that can be consciously abstracted. What is done after receiving the information, is a testament to how aware one is of where they’re putting the information. Does it get filed into the cabinet of programmed experiences and then observed as good or bad, OR does one attune consciousness to the frequency of the information to receive guidance from outside of programming? To LIVE as Frequency is to hold consciousness in frequency by attuning to the transcribed Source (Gene) Code that is activating in all of us.

The awareness of where one is choosing from is everything.

Take a moment and reflect. Are you choosing through emotion or feeling? So often we are taught to create through emotion. Think about if that resonates with you. What is emotion? A chemical response of the body. It is a looping cycle of survival. Why would we want to create from the very programming we are striving to move past?

Feeling is a frequency that is experienced when you ask for information beyond your programmed experience. Let’s say you want to tap into what is next in a certain area of your life, or you are using an intention to manifest, the first step is to get really centered. It is important to know that intentions or asking a question come from your programming. You can use intention and questions as a tool to focus on information within the Source Field. The willingness to let go of expectations of how or what will manifest, is a discipline or practice for one who is stepping into Mastery. Let the intention or questions become a connection to the frequency of Source Intelligence transcribed in your DNA. Asking a question or requesting a frequency to “turn on”, awakens an intelligence that releases a specific frequency for you to attune to. Just like a tuning fork. It releases a frequency and you begin to match that frequency with your consciousness. This allows information to hit your consciousness from beyond your programming.

The next step is up to you. Will you listen? Will you take action on the information that was given?

Shifting from a life of emotion to a life of frequency is the NEXT in human evolution. Have fun playing in the awareness of where you are choosing through emotion. Ask to turn on the frequency of the emotion and explore what it is beyond your programming! Stay open and curious as you practice living as FREQUENCY!