Don’t look UP, Look from WithIN

Invitation to use the total solar eclipse to shift out of the Matrix.
Apr 6 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

Don’t look UP, Look from WithIN.

When the entire world is looking up at the ecliptic event, there is a collective experience held through reflection. Whether you choose to look up or within, I invite you to do it through the frequency of 963. This is an event that can be used to shift out of the Matrix. Observation is a habit, not reality; it is creating the Matrix. Consciousness is the tool we use to shift from observation to expression. It is the part of you that is aware you are observing, and can be used to gauge the frequency you are observing from.

Step back and let yourself feel the truth of that. If you are observing, you are seeing through your programming. You are witnessing the very reality you created. Consciousness allows you to create choice. Do you play the game or do you master it? Meaning, do you live life through the programmed body, mind and reality, or do you shift to the other side?

I call this shift the inside out. The other side is where you create a reality of choice. Do you want to move out programming into the expression of frequency? You can live as the expression of Source Frequency, 963. How? You bring your consciousness into the DNA and attune. You move from observing your reality to attuning your consciousness to the most intelligent frequency there is! And that intelligence is stored right inside of you. It is YOU in expression of frequency beyond the programming you experience.

Don’t Look UP, Look from WithIN. Attune your consciousness to the frequency of your Ascending DNA and “see” the eclipse as a projection of Source Frequency.