Break the Looping Cycle of WHY

Breaking the belief that if “I know WHY, I will be able to change”.
Apr 22 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

There is an old paradigm that so many of us have been programmed to believe. The belief that if “I know WHY, I will be able to change”. Some go searching for the root cause of their suffering. Go digging through the past to find the “why” so they can understand their pain and suffering…the looping of destructive programming they experience in everyday life. So often, when a “why” is found, it feeds the ego for a short period of time, but then the loop begins again, and so does the search.

What if the “Why” is keeping you looping in the Matrix? What if how we have been taught to heal is in fact, just another program or at least outdated. As humans evolve it only makes sense we will shift out of the paradigm of looking at our past to change our future.

It is time to shift from the WHY to the WHAT and then WHERE. Instead of asking WHY, ask “What am I seeing, experiencing? WHAT is being shown?” When we ask this question we are simply asking for information to “see” what is ready to shift. For example, you have the same fight with your significant other. Every time the same wounds are brought up and it ends in the same way…one of you feeling defeated, and the other unfulfilled. You look at your past relationships and pull on your wounds to explain your current situation, thinking if you are aware of your wounds, you will heal your present. You may even share your wounds with your partner, thinking if they understand, things would change.

Next time, stop and ask “WHAT?”

“What is this showing me?” Is it showing you that you desire to feel safe, loved, understood, respected etc.? What if “What” is enough?

Once you know the “WHAT”, you can move to the WHERE. Where do you put your focus once you know the “WHAT”?

Try this: Shift your focus to what you want to experience. Instead of going to the past and digging up your pain, or putting blame on your experience, choose to focus on who you want to become.

This is the basics of DECU, DNA Expression Cellular Upgrade Foundations Course. You shift the identity of your cells from looping in pain, illness, suffering or limiting beliefs, to an identity at a much higher frequency. This simple shift allows you to experience life beyond the looping cycle of the “WHY”.

As you do the DECU Clearing in the video, think of something you want to clear, or delete from your programming. At the end, when there is space to hold expression in a new identity, pick something that empowers you.

Example: “I AM brilliant” or “I am unstoppable”. If you are brilliant and unstoppable, how would you live your life? Who would you be, what choices would you make? How would you show up in your relationships? Go explore what life is like now that your cells are holding the frequency of “I AM brilliant!” What music do you listen to? What do you do with your day? Do you smile at strangers or start a conversation with a neighbor? BECOME a Brilliant person.

Experience the DECU Clearing of “WHY”, HERE