Ascending through the I AM

You are not the story held in your mind and you have the ability to change everything.
May 6 / Jewels Arnes

~ Jewels Arnes

You are not the story held in your mind and you have the ability to change everything! Every time you think you're stuck, tired or not happy with what you are experiencing, interrupt the thought pattern by bringing attention to the thoughts you are having. Think about what you desire to experience. What I AM statement or higher frequency reality do you wish to create? Hold the new thought in your mind's eye and see it rewire your brain. Really watch it happen. Then ask yourself, “Who am I when I am in the frequency of this new thought?”

Start thinking in this new identity. What am I feeling, experiencing? How do I act, speak, relate to the people around me? It’s a practice to rewire the brain to higher frequency realities. You are not your brain. You are the master of the machine that is your brain! How do you want to wire it?

Try This!

"I AM Divine"

Divine Alchemy is the mastery of becoming the creator and the creation. This state of being is activated through a deep purification of past programming. There is a completion we meet once we learn to when we are repeating an experience through lower frequency programming and can move out of this program to recreate a NEW Experience. In this moment I meet the emergence of the highest version of my Divine Self. Divine Alchemy brings us into the unity pattern. We are one with source and we are open to the magic of living outside our own illusion and the illusion of the collective.

Divine Alchemy is the way of the NEW Human Experience. It starts with becoming aware of where we are creating our life from. Today focus your awareness on moments you feel disconnected from source. You will know you are in a programmed experience at this moment. Move into your heart space and reconnect to the Divine by calling in the frequency of Divine Intelligence. Let it fill your heart and relax into this energy. Sit in this energy for a moment and state, “I open myself to be a channel of Divine Grace. What is my next step? Show me.” Now go experience life as the Divine Intelligence speaks through you. Life is magical!

I AM Successful DMT Activation