Aging is a Disease of Consciousness

Feb 26 / Jewels Arnes

Weekly Reflection with Jewels

Did you know there is now biological reason we age? Aging is an epigenetic code that gets turned on. And because it is an epigenetic code, it can also be turned off.

Our cells are created to listen to their environment to be told what to do. The environment being YOU. Our thoughts.

In 2013 I had a traumatic spine injury leaving the left side of my hand and arm numb and my neck and back in severe pain. After 10 months of consistent chronic pain, I found a surgeon to do a disk replacement. A 2 hour surgery went on for hours while the doctor cleaned up the mess that was left from a completely ruptured disk. My hopes of recovery were diminished when the nerve damage was beyond repair and I was left to resort to pain management.

Being a vibrational therapist for over 20 years at, I decided it was time to tap into the frequency pattern and learn what was trying to be shown to me. One day lying on my healing table, I said to my Divine, “If this is how my life is supposed to be for the rest of my life I am ok with that, show me if there is purpose in my injury and I will accept and surrender all of me”. In that moment I had a spontaneous healing. I have always had a gift of tracing frequency patterns. I became obsessed with following the pattern that healed me. I would trace it all the way back to source frequency, but I was still unsure of what to do with this knowledge.

One day my mom was visiting and we were sitting on the couch and a bird hit the window. We ran out to see if it was ok and it laid there, stunned with a broken neck. My first instinct was to kill it so it would not suffer. My daughter, 11 at the time, said “no mommy you should heal it.” The words just flowed through me, “From the first particle of existence, to this time and place called now, Heal this bird and all parts of me connected to this bird now. Thank you”

We went back inside and allowed nature to take over. Rose must have gone out to check on it and came in so excited! “Mom! The bird is sitting up!” I couldn’t believe it. I again had the words just flow through me. “From the first particle of existence, to this time and place called now, Heal this bird so it can fly again, Thank you” And it did, the bird flew away a few minutes later and I was left with the biggest insight of my life. The bird healed instantly because it had no programming. When I released my own judgment that it would die, and ask for healing, the bird healed instantly.

After years of healing from this place I started to see that the cells truly are receptors of our thoughts. This led me to dive deeper into the intelligence our body holds. Most of us know that we are only using 10% of our brain's capacity. Most of the brain's function is used to store information from our past experiences and then run this information through our current experience to calculate a judgment or categorize our lives. The other way the brain stores information is through agreements to what I call Collective consciousness. We unconsciously agree to things as they are, not stopping to ask… Is this true? I’m I agreeing to something because others have all agreed that in my heart I know is not the only way?

Aging is a disease of consciousness. As we evolve as human beings, it only makes sense we will awaken more and more to the potential we hold. When we start to tap into the other 90% of the intelligence stored in our DNA. When we awaken to what it is we are telling our cells to do, we start to tap into the potential of living beyond collective consciousness, and start to master what it is to be human. The cells begin to awaken to a higher state of being. We can start by being completely conscious in the delivery system of commands that bring the cells into rejuvenation. Unconscious degenerative agreements begin to be broken!

David Sinclare at Harvard university has been studying Why we Age and Why we don’t have to. His conclusion was, there is no biological reason we age. Pause a moment and take that in. There is no biological reason we age. Meaning our bodies are not designed to age… or degenerate. We can break the agreement of aging and start living beyond the boundaries of the human condition. It is time to discover what potential we hold as conscious living beings and BREAK the Habit of Dying.

Unconsciously we live out our lives agreeing that aging is inevitable. Is it? All I am asking for those that are ready, to start questioning what has been agreed too and start discovering what potential we have beyond what has been told, seen or agreed too.

Science is only true long enough for it to be proven wrong. What if in this moment I gave you permission to start living beyond the boundaries of the human condition. Would you? If your answer is yes, you open the doors to unlimited potential. The Journey to Becoming BioQuantum. Your DNA holds an organic technology that is the most advanced system ever created. It is directly connected to a transcribed intelligence stored in 12 strands of DNA. When we start to question what we have agreed to we start to awaken the body to hold a higher frequency.

This week, become aware of where you are agreeing to the looping cycle of aging. What comments, choices or beliefs are no longer serving you? Are you ready to reprogram limiting beliefs stored in your cells?